Christmas is only around the corner. If you’re planning to hold the best get together of the year will need to start your planning early.

That way, you can spend the holiday season enjoying the decorations, sweets and of course, the drinks. Don’t spend your holidays worrying about your budget and entertaining your guests.

As always, Edgeley Park is here to help you with your preparations. Here are a few suggestions that are sure to make your Christmas function extra festive.

Make it for a Good Cause

Everybody loves a good cause, and it is the season for giving. So why not involve a local charity into your celebration?

By collecting donations, you can change the lives of those in need. Your function will have that added boost if everyone feels that they have made a contribution to the local community.

Some local charities you could centre your function around include:

Make a Party Budget and Stick to it

The last thing you want is to throw an extravagant party only to realise that your bank account has suffered from overwhelming overhead. Luckily, there are several ways you can cut costs:

  • Create your own invitations
  • Don’t party at mealtime (fewer catering costs)
  • Keep your guestlist small
  • Pick the right destination/venue – somewhere cheap and central
  • Be realistic – set targets and objectives

By keeping a budget of all these aspects, you won’t feel like your stocking is full of coal. It will also help you hold parties in the future.

Christmas Party Games

To keep your party sprightly, you need to keep your party’s energy constant. To do this, play some interesting Christmas party games that your delegates can look forward to throughout the night. If you’re struggling for ideas try some of these suggestions:

Christmas Movie Bingo – Play snippets of Christmas films and the first to fill out their sheet will receive a Christmas hamper.

Christmas Jeopardy – Split the delegation into tables and have them compete against one other by choosing different categories and prizes. This should provide the fix to any delegate with that competitive Christmas spirit.

Christmas Trivia – Test everyone’s knowledge in a quiz. All you need to do is print out some sheets, so it’s a wonderfully cost-effective way to keep your party entertained.

Offer Sweets Instead of a Sit-Down Dinner

Catering can be expensive, especially if you have a large delegate list. Get creative; you can create platters of food for the tables to snack on throughout the night.

These can range from cheese platters to fruit bowls or even cracker selections. This allows for you to offer a varied selection to those with dietary requirements. It also saves you money in the process.

Set Up a Photo Booth

Christmas is about celebration and making memories. Therefore, implement an area that will let your delegates create seasonal souvenirs.

Take pictures with family, friends and keep track of all the fantastic moments made at your Christmas party with the help of a photobooth. Some specialist booths will even let you change the backdrops of the picture so you can create a Santa-approved experience for all those in attendance.


As you can see, there are many ways to improve your Christmas festivities. By following these tips, you can ensure that yourself and those in attendance have a very merry experience.

As always, Edgeley Park is more than happy to help you hold your Christmas Party should we have the availability. For more information, please visit the Edgeley Park Website.