The Pitch Brand

Capacity: 19,000

The Pitch

A unique opportunity we offer at Edgeley park is the chance to hire our pitch. In the past we’ve held successful music festivals and gigs, as well as family fun days and charity matches. It’s also perfect for corporate team building activities, coupled with the use of our conference and events space for presentations and breakout sessions. For events which require substantial set up, there’s direct access to our private carpark through large gates, making it easier to manoeuvre any big equipment. There are several food and drink options that are available with pitch hire, including the match day kiosks, or if you would prefer to dine in our indoor areas, we have plenty of options for this too.


Detailed room specifications

Maximum capacity 19,000
Space 7000sqm
Best feature Multi-functional outdoor arena

Theme Styles

Capacity for event theme styles

Music festival 19,000 – 12,000 standing & 7000 seated
Food festival 40 food stalls, main stage & big top
Cinema night 10,000 seated or 150 cars