Manchester is often branded as the “Capital of the North”. Although it’s grown exponentially, the real growth can be found in the surrounding towns.

Towns such as Stockport have benefitted from the rush of entrepreneurs and businesses looking for affordable rent and creativity. As a result, the home of the Hatters has become a trendy area for young professionals. Niche spots for entertainment, food and beverages are emerging all over. In this post, we’ll explore some new developments while highlighting the original spots that provide Stockport with so much character.

What’s New?

Bars and Restaurants

Many different bars and restaurants have popped up in Stockport, delivering various cuisine and many a night out. From Where the Light Gets In to Ate Days a Week and the Stockport Gin Shop, there’s variety to choose from. You and your family can spend your evenings exploring a new tastes that will expand your palette.

You can even visit Stockport’s Foodie Friday in old town, which takes place on the last Friday of every month and includes business stalls from across the region.

The Shops

Stockport’s high street has all the main establishments that you would expect from your standard shopping district, but in recent times has added numerous independent outlets such as the Stockport Plant Shop and Underbank Studios. These local businesses in Stockport all house products that support the local community or come from the local area.

Of course, you can find the more popular retailers just as Debenhams, Smyths Toys and River Island too. There’s plenty that will keep you bouncing from shop to shop all day!


Old favourites such as the Armoury, Town Centre and Redrock Cinema have undergone recent refurbishment too. These upgrades have been implemented to create new experiences to those already in the area as well as newcomers. As the town continues to grow, so to will the venues and attractions in the area, old and new.

What’s already on offer?

Hat Museum

The origins of Stockport begin here. The museum allows for you to step back in time and see the recreated factory floor as well as a collection of over 400 hats. In the 19th century, Stockport was a hub for hat manufacturing with over 100 establishments involved, and you will get to see how the town flourished while making its mark as a powerhouse in the North.

The Plaza

A historic venue for shows and acts from all over the world; The Plaza dates back to 1932 and has housed some of the best performers around. To this day, the venue still holds regular shows, whether its comedy nights or theatre acts. You are guaranteed to enjoy a great night with friends and family whenever you visit.

Stockport County Football Club

Founded in 1883, Stockport County Football Club have been the lifeblood of Stockport and are celebrated around the area. On a game day, you will see the community gather in various hotspots before going to Edgeley Park to watch the Hatters play. Stockport County are sure to deliver an upbeat family experience.

Peak District

Another great aspect of Stockport is the location. On one side of Stockport is Manchester, but only down the road is one of the country’s biggest nature districts. Its an area filled with bike trails and hiking areas that provide you with hours of outdoor adventure.

These are just a few of the things that Stockport has on offer, both old and new. As it is a growing area, only more places and activities will become available with time. Things that will having you returning to Stockport time and time again.